Local Attractions

Historic Canby Ferry

4116 N Locust Street, Canby, OR

(503) 650-3030

The Canby Ferry (formally the M.J. Lee II) is a ferry in the U.S. state of Oregon that connects Canby, and Wilsonville/Stafford in Clackamas County across the Willamette River. The service has been in operation since 1914. It is one of three remaining ferries on the Willamette River.

The ferry has room for six cars and a total passenger capacity of 49. A toll is charged for all crossings. As of 2013, a passenger car costs $4.00, a motorcycle, bicycle, or pedestrian $2.00, and $24.00 is charged if a vehicle takes up the entire ferry. The ferry, the M.J. Lee II, is a cable ferry powered by electricity provided by overhead lines and is guided across the river by an underwater cable 1.25 inches in diameter, leaving the vessel relatively unaffected by the river’s currents. The ferry operates from 6:45 am to 9:15 pm

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Clackamas County Event Center

694 NE 4th Avenue, Canby, OR


The Clackamas County Event Center, home of the Clackamas County Fair, has been a proud tradition since 1907, and is the County’s major agricultural and industrial exposition.  The Fair Board and Staff’s dedication and purpose is to provide a showplace for educational activities, healthful competition, recognition of our county youth, displays of better methods and products of agriculture, business, commerce, history and tourism.

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Canby Depot Museum

888 NE 4th Avenue, Canby, OR


One of the oldest railroad stations in Oregon that now showcases Canby local history. The Canby Depot Museum is housed in one of Oregon’s oldest railroad station. The Canby Depot was an active train station at the intersection of N. 1st and Grant Street throughout almost the entire history of the city. In the early 1980’s the railroad was going to dismantle the depot unless the facility could be moved. Canby Historical Society was able to raise funds for the move of the depot to its present location near N.E. 4th and Pine Street adjacent to the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.

The museum is open March-December on Thursday-Sunday from 1pm-4pm.

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Philander Lee Historic Tree

292 N Holly Street, Canby, OR


The oak tree the family planted sits on the site of the family’s third home, which was constructed by carpenters with the Oregon and California Railroad in 1869. When Lee died in 1887, his son Albert made it his residence, living there with his family and his mother. The home and the tree remained in the Lee family until 1967, when the property was sold to Package Containers, Inc. by the last Lee resident, Ora Lee Cattley, Philander’s granddaughter.

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Canby Farmers Market

NW 1st Avenue “between Ivy and Holly Streets” Canby, OR

(503) 758-2439

Canby Farmers Market is open May through October with all the flavor of the regional Agricultural community. Local farmers, hand crafters, food artisans and nurseries are all a part of this regional attraction. This Farmers market brings the best of what the Canby Area has to offer. The goal of the market is to bring attention of the rich agricultural heritage that makes the Canby area so special. Visitors will find a variety of items to take home and enjoy…fresh produce, quality plants, crafts and much more.

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Historic Baker Prairie Cemetery

Knights Bridge Road “west of N. Grant Street”

In 1863, J. Wesley Joslyn sold one-acre of his 1852 Donation Land Claim for $1.00 to his community, then known as Baker Prairie, to establish a cemetery. Individuals who died before 1900 account for 86 of the 131 gravesites. Many are members of families who had important connections to the early development of the Canby. Philander Lee sold the land that became the majority of the original 24-block town site. The Macks, Knights, and Lees established businesses, constructed buildings, and provided civic leadership.

Richard R. Brown Fine Arts Center

721 SW 4th Avenue, Canby, OR


The Richard R. Brown Fine Arts Auditorium is located at Canby High School in Canby, Oregon.  Built in 1993, it serves as a cultural center for Canby as well as a venue for high school events.  With seating for almost 800, it an outstanding facility for community and school events.

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Downtown Canby Heritage Trail

Exploring Community Connections is a self-guided walking tour will take you through the heart of historic downtown Canby. There are 10 stops along the way at all the significant buildings and locations in the city. Plaques are located at each historic site and share the history of each of the locations. These properties have been maintained and updated while continuing to preserve the history of the city. The heritage trail begins in Wait Park, which features a large informational plaque with additional information and a map of all of the sites.

Downtown Canby Heritage Trail Brochure

Canby Women’s Heritage Trail

Building A Better Community is a self-guided walking tour that will take you through the heart of historic downtown Canby. There are 9 stops along the way at locations significant to the women who shaped and reshaped the cultural, social, economic, and political fabric of Canby. The Women’s Heritage Trail begins in Triangle Park, which features interpretive signage with additional information and a map of all of the sites.

Canby Women’s Heritage Trail Brochure English
Canby Women’s Heritage Trail Brochure Spanish