Fun for Kids

Local Canby Parks

Canby has several local parks with playgrounds and tons of space to run around or play sports.  We have a list of our local parks here on the site.  The link is listed below.

Canby Parks

Bricks and Minifigs

250 SW 1st Avenue, Canby, OR

(503) 263-3337

Bricks & Minifigs® is your one-stop LEGO® shop! We are the largest toy store of our kind, specializing in only new and used LEGO® items.  We buy and trade all things LEGO®, from tubs of bulk to storage unit sized collections. If it’s LEGO®, we’ll take it!!  Enjoy our selection of individual minifigs, bulk bricks, components and accessories. With the largest assortment of new, used and retired sets we keep your collection growing!  You will also find amazing LEGO® art! We have 5ft. murals, giant Minifigure sculptures, 20 feet of motorized train track with wired carnival attractions, and many more.

Visit Bricks and Mini Figs Website

Canby Cinema 8

252 NE 2nd Avenue, Canby, OR

(503) 266-8438

Canby Cinemas is a locally owned 8 theater movie house.  It always has the newest releases playing and is a great way to spend some time in Canby.

Visit Canby Cinema Website

Canby Swim Center

1150 S Ivy Street, Canby, OR

(503)266 -2761

The Canby Swim Center offers swim programs, exercise, and lessons to the community. Memberships and clubs are available for the public. to join and gain access to all the services the aquatic center offers.

Visit Swim Center Website

Canby Public Library

220 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Canby, OR

(503) 266-3394

The Canby Public Library has kids rooms, teens rooms, and a story center.  It’s a brand new facility and is honestly worth the time spent there.

Visit Canby Public Library Website

Canby Skate Park

1299 NW 3rd Avenue, Canby, OR

11,000 square foot park near the heart of downtown. The park is open to bikes and skateboards of all skill levels. The park features ramps, bowls, and rails for skaters of all levels. The park is open year round from 7:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.