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Canby Farm Loop

The Canby Area Farm Loop is a self-guided farm tour route that leads you to 17 farm stops in the Canby Aurora area. You’ll find things to do and see all year round.  It’s the perfect outing for family and friends, right in Portland’s backyard.

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Swan Island Dahlias

995 NW 22nd Avenue, Canby, OR

(503) 266-7711

The nation’s largest dahlia grower; beautiful fields and fresh-cut flowers. Stroll through over 35 acres of beautiful dahlias at our farm in Canby, Oregon. The fields open August 1st each season and remain open through September (into October weather permitting). Fields are open daily during this time 8am – 6pm. If you are not up for the long stroll, view every variety in our Display Garden at the beginning of the path to the main fields. Lots of free parking and picnic tables for those who wish to enjoy an afternoon among the blooms.

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Flower Farmer, Phoenix & Holly Railroad

2512 N Holly Street, Canby, OR

(503) 266 -3581

The Flower Farmer has a wide range of activities for adults and children. There is a miniature railroad, the Phoenix & Holly, for a leisurely tour through fields of fresh flowers and pumpkins for the fall. There are stops all along the way to visit the farm animals.

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Fir Point Farms

14601 Arndt Road, Canby, OR

(503) 678 -2455

Fir Point Farms is a family owned business. They use only fresh farm ingredients. They bake everything fresh daily including fresh soup and chili, breads, homemade cinnamon rolls, pastries, and fresh baked pies.

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Secret Garden Growers

29100 S. Needy Road, Canby, OR

(503) 651-2006

Secret Garden Growers is a specialty nursery founded in 1998 in the sublime growing climate of the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  They are obsessed plant collectors and propagate from our own extensive collection of rare, unusual, uncommon, heirloom and tried and true plants from all corners of the planet. They are continuously adding new species and cultivars.  Many of the plants they offer can be seen growing in their demonstration gardens.

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Morning Shade Farm

8345 S. Barnards Road, Canby, OR

(503) 651-2622

Morning Shade Farm And Berry Nursery is a local u-pick berry and produce farm.  They have a wide selection of berries available in many different varieties of each berry.  The nursery is open by appointment for a large selection of blueberry and other berry plants in 1, 3, 7, 10 and 25 gallon containers. Call 503-730-4788 for nursery sales.

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Simnitt Nursery

138 NE 22nd Ave Canby, OR

(503) 266-9640

Simnitt Nursery has been growing quality nursery plants for the wholesale trade for over 30 years. Ideal location and soils have allowed them to grow, along with their plants, to over 65 acres providing both container and field grown ornamentals for landscapers, re-wholesalers and retailers.
The nursery grows over 175 varieties of Rhododendrons and Pieris, ensuring the right plant for the customer needing specific hardiness, size and color. Some specialties, are some of the unusual and hard to find plants, such as Daphne which they have been growing since their beginning. Varieties such as Carol Mackie, Cneorum (Rock Daphne), Odora, and the Summer bloomers -Eternal Fragrance, Summer Ice and Jim’s Pride are all beautiful to see in bloom and give the nursery a unique product mix.

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Miller’s Manor Gardens

27452 S Gribble Road, Canby, OR

(503) 277-3327

Miller’s Manor Gardens along with Fresh Start Nursery is a small retail and wholesale nursery with extensive display gardens. Gardens showcase numerous genera of rare and unusual miniature and dwarf conifers, rock garden and alpine plants, iris, and various other perennials for sun and shade.

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